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Classic Pro is a very popular plugin for Winamp and gives you the ability to use easy to skin ClassicPro Skins.
With ClassicPro you get the most out of Winamp since is is full of essential features and is even more extendable by Widgets.

What's new?

Version 2.01 Final (28 Feb 2013)
  • cPro 2
  • New: Now also support preset window positions (shift+F9-12 to set)
  • Updated: cPro2__Aluminum v1.3 (new themes and lots of other improvements)
  • Fixed: If Winamp load on zero volume, volume jumps up (sc_mute)
  • Fixed: More buttons with transparent bits don't always work
  • Fixed: Classic vis doesn't always go to thin bands on small width
  • Fixed: File info viewer layout broken if you hide first tag
  • Fixed: Playlist search toggle overlay doesn't hide on small widths
  • Fixed: Alignment of status bar buttons (thx Mertcan)
  • Fixed: Playlist search box background color
  • Fixed: Button fade shows wrong hover image when you toggle button with shortcuts
  • Improved: File info viewer layout order now same as Winamp
  • Improved: File info viewer added option to use smaller size
  • Improved: File info viewer resource optimization
  • Changed: Tab icons now have 3 states (see cPro2 - Aluminum)
  • Changed: Gammagroup of the Open/Close drawer buttons changed ("n.sui.buttons")
  • Changed: Widget Manager header image

  • cPro 1
  • New: Ctrl + Left Click on main menu button to disable menubar (maybe more options later)

  • cPro 1&2
  • New: Added more options to multibutton (Winamp bolt right-click)
  • Fixed: About current skin crash on newer Winamp builds
  • Fixed: Skin notifier sometimes no longer appearing
  • Improved: Quick Playlist now use screen size to calculate menu height
  • Improved: Widget Manager notifications now only once globally and not per skin
  • Improved: Now Playing widget now have right-click options menu (v1.01)

Version 2.00 Beta 2 (19 Dec 2012)
  • cPro 2
  • Updated: cPro2__Aluminum v1.2
  • Fixed: Buttons with transparent bits don't always work
  • Fixed: When resizing from smallest height components might be transparent temparary
  • Fixed: Some list have a slightly different color
  • Fixed: Now Playing album cover reflection wrong color on colorthemes
  • Changed: Mini volume background gammagroup changed to ("n.playback.button.normal")
  • Changed: New gammagroup for bottom part of player ("n.frame.player.bottom")
  • Changed: Gammagroup of the Web Reader progress bar is now ("")

Version 2.00 Beta 1 (4 Dec 2012)
  • cPro 2:
  • New: Support for Cpro2 skins!
  • New: New default cPro2 skin by Victhor (cPro2 - Aluminum)
  • New: Support for skins using just the single user interface of cPro2
  • New: Web Reader tab (Combination of the Browser and BrowserPro)
  • New: New File Info Viewer
  • New: Can now toggle the visualizations in the main menu
  • New: Support for AeroSnap (optional)
  • Improved: Skin layout on first load of engine
  • Improved: Visualization and Video tab now opens where it was last opened
  • Improved: More options in the menu

  • cPro 1:
  • Improved: BrowserPro have new updated sources list (use same list as the cPro2 Reader)
  • Fixed: Browser doesn't open a dead link anymore

  • cPro 1&2:
  • New: ALT + Prev/Next plays prev/next file in the current folder (great for videos too)
  • New: Skinner now also in credits (see Preferences > Modern Skins > Current Skin & ClassicPro.xml)
  • New: Can now open the equalizer with Alt+G and in the main/view menu (easier to find for new users)
  • Improved: About skin interface
  • Improved: Album Art now shows visual feedback on dbl-click (quick fade out/in)
  • Improved: Notifier can now change the fade and stay times (right-Click on notifier)
  • Fixed: Scrolling up in mini area goes blank if no widgets are installed
  • Fixed: ALT + Open button now loads all files of same extension of the current playing file
  • Fixed: "Get album art" now hidden if your Winamp version doesn't support it
  • Fixed: About current skin ages isn't correct in leap years
  • Fixed: Now Playing tab reflection is broken sometimes

Version 1.15 (9 Sep 2010)
  • Updated: BrowserPro sources list with new sites!
  • Improved: Beatvis algorithm
  • Improved: Added an extra beatvis mode for cPro - Bento
  • Improved: More miscellaneous optimizations
  • Improved: cProXUI support
  • Fixed: Opened tab moving out of line when old tab close
  • Fixed: If tab appear again still have the old width
  • Fixed: When tab close the other tabs doesn't utilize the extra space
  • Fixed: ModernSongticker & SCChannel xui's can't go ghost


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