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Winamp Classic Skins

Winamp Classic Skins are widely used since they do not use a lot of resources.


FusionAmp WA-2
  • Version: 2
  • FusionAmp WA-2
  • Views: 39,603
  • Downloads: 10,397
  • Type: Winamp Classic Skin
  • Last updated: Friday, April 10th 2009, 10:40am
  • Flavour: None
  • Description: FusionAmp, the beginning..... Introducing: FusionAmp WA-2. FusionAmp WA-2 is based on the original Fusion skin, Fusion AMPman by Blayde. This skin has...
  • Version: 1
  • IroniseSC
  • Views: 14,354
  • Downloads: 3,503
  • Type: Winamp Classic Skin
  • Last updated: Friday, August 22nd 2008, 9:44pm
  • Flavour: None
  • Description: This skin will fit to any black/glass theme you have installed! A must for all Winamp 2 fans!

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